The Gawler Dog Training Club was founded in 1980 and is affiliated with Dogs SA Inc, which is the Local Controllong Body member of the Australian National Kennel Council.

Our club is focussed on promoting responsible dog ownership through education and training. We offer the opportunity for dog owners to socialise with other dog owners and also allow their dogs to socialise with each other.

We aim to help you train your dog so that he/she will be a great companion, a well behaved pet, and an enjoyable addition to your household. The training will help in all aspects of the dogs’s life, like going for a walk, enjoying a dog park or just greeting visitors to their home.

Without socialising and some basic training the dog may soon become an uncomfortable part of the family and a backyard addition that really serves no purpose and has a limited and unhappy existence.

One of the bonuses to owners is the ability to assess the behavious of their dogs in an atmosphere where the dogs are outside of their comfort zone. They can then be alert to any problems that need attention. We believe this is a major factor in producing a more sound and happy dog that enjoys being part of the family and greater community.

If an owner is prepared to take the right steps in trainng their dog, they are more likely to walk the dog, take it on holidays and on outings and enjoy just how intelligent and useful it can be. What greater therapy than to hold your best friend and be loved unconditionally. To take your puppy to puppy class and introduce it to all the others, compare cute habits and wayward times, just must be very special.

The end result is becoming apparent as there are fewer dogs roaming the streets, more dog parks, more owners taking their dogs walking, more venues for ‘holidays with dogs’ and more education and undertanding of relationships between children and dogs.

The Club strives to embrace all mebers of the community, no matter the age of the dog or the age of the handler and takes pride in being an inegral influence in the evolution of the safer, sounder an dmore secure canine copanion.


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