Agility is a fun activity that both you and your dog can enjoy. Agility is a dog sport that involves the dog jumping over a variety of hurdles, weaving through upright poles, running across walks and finding a way through tunnels. If you are looking for an alternative exercise to burn off excess energy in your dog, while at the same time enjoying some quality time together, then agility may be for you.

Only members with the intention of Trialling will be accepted in the Agility classes.

What will my dog and I be taught?
Agility is a fast and entertaining team activity for you and your dog. Your dog will be taught to perform a series of tasks on your command. They will run through tunnels, jump over hurdles, weave through a series of upright poles, jump through tyres and run up and over ramps and seesaws. This is a great way of combining fun and exercise for you both.
Agility training at GDTC is conducted in a safe environment.

Important Information
If a dog is considered unsuitable, unfit or unwell, the Chief Instructor, in consultation with the instructing panel, may prohibit the dog from training.

The instructors have control of the class at all times and are to be treated with respect. Decisions made by them should be perceived to be in the best interest of the handlers and their dogs.

Members using the Agility equipment are expected to help either set-up or dismantle the equipment. Anyone not helping with either the setting up or dismantling of the equipment will not be able to train in he class. Latecomers will not be permitted to train without a legitimate and valid reason.

Dogs must be six months of age or over to attend Puppy Agility classes and twelve months of age to attend Agility classes. All dogs must be deemed fit and suitable by instructors.

If your dog is under the age of 12 months, you must let an Instructor know. Dogs under 12 months do not jump their full height. This is to protect the growth plates in the bones of your dog.

A current vaccination certificate must be produced on enrolment.

Please see training info for class days and times


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