Hot Weather Policy

If at 4pm the forecast temperature for 7pm on the Elders Weather site is for 32 or under training will not be cancelled. If at 4pm the forecast temperture for 7pm on the Elders Weather Site is over 32 training will be for trialers only and will start at 8pm



Local Weather Search - Type Willaston). This policy applies to ALL training on club grounds.


If there is consistant rain in the district prior to training, training will be cancelled

If there is consistant rain in the district prior to training, training will be cancelled

Wet Weather Policy

In the event of a long weekend, there will be no training on the Friday or Monday night

We will post on our facebook page if training is cancelled from about 5pm

Is Training On???




Obedience training is held on Friday evenings and we have classes ranging from puppies to trial standard. We teach basic heeling, sit, drop, stays, recall and socialisation. We have staggered training times starting with Puppies  commencing at 7:15pm, Walk in The Park at 7.15pm, Ring Work, Rally and Pre-Trialers Class at 7.15pm


Dances with Dogs Classes are currently available also.

Training is conducted in a class structure. Class sessions go for approximately 30 minutes. You can purchase leads and various collars from the club at reasonable prices.

Our Club requires its members to have their dogs fully vaccinated prior to training and annually. If you wish to join the Club it is essential that you bring along your dog's current vaccination card. Also the vaccination card must be sighted annually with each renewal of membership.

Class Levels


Puppy Class
This class is designed to socialise your dog with dogs and people. This is the most critical period in a dog's education and development. Puppies are introduced to basic obedience and owners have the opportunity to discuss questions and problems associated with their own dog in an informative environment. This class also introduces basic obedience work that includes teaching puppy to walk on a lead, sit, stand, some turns and to come when called on lead, known as the recall.

Walk in The Park Class 
to be updated shortly


Pre-Trialers Class
to be updated shortly


Graduation Nights
There is no set night for graduation and so handlers and their dogs can be graduated to the next class on any Friday training night. Please ask your instructor what the requirements are for graduating out of each class. An instructor from the Club who is not your regular instructor will observe a class training session. They will advise your instructor of their recommendations for graduation.

You need to remember your badge so when you and your dog pass, the instructor can take down the details for the graduation certificate.

If you feel you might not be progressing as fast as someone else in your class, you might feel better knowing that some dogs advance faster than others, and there are many reasons for this:

-Some breeds mature quicker than other breeds

-Their owners have been spending lots of time with their pup or dog

-The dog may have been taught from an early age

-Some breeds are more independent and harder to train

-Dogs who are willing to do anything to please their owners will be easier to train

-Some people may have trained other dogs to a high level before.

If this is your first attempt at obedience training, it will take time to learn the commands and teach your dog. Just remember that this is not a race. Don't put pressure on yourself to train your dog quickly. You have plenty of time and the instructors are there to help you.

Please see training info for class days and times

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